ios check-in tips

While we never require an appointment, here are some steps we ask that you take before bringing your iPhone or iPad in for service. All of the things below are usually required for any kind of device repair. If you are unable to complete one of them, your repair options may be limited in store.




iCommand ONLY PERFORMS SAME-DAY REPAIR on cracked front screens and specific minor internal components (i.e. battery, rear camera) .

Regardless of what you were told by your AppleCare support advisor, iCommand cannot perform same-day full unit replacement in all cases (i.e. cracked rear glass, liquid damage, microphone issues).

We provide you with your options once you arrive in store and, in most cases, a loaner iPhone can be provided when a unit needs to be mailed in for repair (SPRINT EXCLUDED UNLESS YOU HAVE A T-MOBILE SIM).

1. Know your Apple ID and Password *

You have an Apple ID if you have ever downloaded an App, music from the iTunes store, or used any iCloud features.

To verify your Apple ID, click here.

• To reset your Apple ID password, click here. 

* If you are unable to turn off ‘Find My Device’, iCommand is legally prohibited from providing support to change it or conduct any repairs. This policy is put in place by our Apple contract to prevent unauthorized persons from servicing your device without your knowledge. If you don’t remember your Apple ID and Password, please call AppleCare (1-800-275-2273) or go to

2. Back Up Your Data *


* iCommand and Apple are not responsible for any data loss that may occur during service.

Many repairs require erasing the device or a full device replacement, and there is always a risk of data loss when working with any kind of computer equipment. Backups are necessary if you are concerned about your data. 

Backup services are available for a $49 fee (warranty does not cover data).

iCloud Backups

iCloud Backups can be done with a WiFi internet connection and an Apple ID, even without access to a computer.

Please ensure the iCloud backup completes before bringing in the device.

To configure iCloud backups, click here.

iTunes Backups

You can perform an iTunes Backup on a Mac or PC, even if you do not have an iCloud account or reliable internet connection.

Important Note: If you password protect your backup, please write down and do not lose the password you set. Recovery of this password is usually impossible. All future backups made with your phone will be encrypted with it (even on our computers in store). Recovering from encrypted backups requires the password, as does turning off backup encryption.

To perform an iTunes backup, click here.

3. Turn off ‘Find My Device’

Apple requires ‘Find My Device’ to be disabled for all iPhone and iPad repairs.

If your device powers on, go to:
• ‘Settings’ >
• Tap your name at the top >
• ‘iCloud’ >
• ‘Find My’ >
• Tap the toggle to turn off ‘Find My Device’

    If your device no longer powers on:
    You can disable ‘Find My Device’ by following the instructions here.

    Important Note: Do not use ‘Find My Device’ to erase a device you may wish to recover data from. We will not be able to recover data from an erased device.



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