Mac check-in tips

While we never require an appointment, here are some simple steps we ask you to take before bringing your Mac in for service. If you are unable to complete one of them, please bring it to our attention at check-in.




1. Turn off ‘Find My Mac’


Apple requires 'Find My Mac’ to be disabled for all Mac repairs.

If your device powers on, go to:

•  Menu (top left) >
• ‘System Preferences’ >
• 'iCloud' (10.14) or ‘AppleID’ (10.15+) >
• 'iCloud’' >
• Tap the toggle to turn off 'Find My Mac'

If your device no longer powers on:
You can disable 'Find My Mac' by following the instructions here.

* If you are unable to turn off Find My Mac, iCommand is legally prohibited from providing support to change it or conduct any repairs. This policy is put in place by our Apple contract to prevent unauthorized persons from servicing your device without your knowledge. If you don’t remember your Apple ID and Password, please call AppleCare (1-800-275-2273) or go to

2. Back Up Your Data *


* iCommand and Apple are not responsible for any data loss that may occur during service.

Many repairs on newer Mac products require replacing the logic board which, in most cases, stores your data. Furthermore, there is always a risk of data loss when working with any kind of computer equipment. Backups are necessary if you are concerned about your data.

IMPORTANT: Your Apple warranty does not cover transferring or recovering your data. 

Backup services are available for a $99 fee  and data recovery services are available starting at $199.

Time Machine Backups 

All Mac computers have built-in backup software known as Time Machine. Time Machine requires an external hard drive or large flash drive to set up and backup your computer.

To learn more about setting up Time Machine in your System Preferences, click here.

3. Change Your Log-in Password

Please change your log-in password to 1234 so that our technicians can service your Mac faster.

If your device powers on, go to:
•  Menu (top left) >
• ‘System Preferences’ >
• ‘Users & Groups’ >
• Choose your name from the list >
• Click ‘Change Password’ >
• Follow the popup instructions to change your password to 1234

    If your device no longer powers on, do not worry about changing your password. Please be aware that your password may be changed during the repair to 1234.

    Important Note: Do not attempt any actions on a computer that may be liquid-damaged, is unsafe, or is showing signs of data loss. If your Mac has any of these issues, please discontinue use and bring it in as soon as possible.



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